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Pro 10:4 He who deals with a lazy hand becomes poor; but the hand of the hard worker makes rich.

26 November 2011

I pray that everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving!! We had a great time with the family. I forgot to take pictures of all the goodies I made, but I do have a couple for you.

This is the appetizer table with a few of the goodies. I made the little white Oreo Truffles that are on the plate. I also had made these awesome bacon wrapped sausages that are in the crock pot. My DIL made the adorable cake pops that are seen here.

Here is another picture of her cake pops that she made along with one of the fabric pumpkins that are available at my other shop North Woods Rustics.

Now this next adorable creation I had nothing to do with other than enjoying it!!! My very talented DIL made this pumpkin log and the absolutely incredible chocolate leaves!!

You really had to see it up close!! It was awesome!!

I can't wait for Christmas!!

Blessings to you all,

23 November 2011

Really Bummed!!

Well, I just came back from the doctors. He says I have Tennis Elbow. That means that all of my crafting has to come to a halt for now as I am not supposed to use my arm until it heals. That is going to be a lot of fun since it is my right elbow and I am right handed. I shouldn't even be typing with that hand, so until it heals, I am going to have to do the hunt and peck method of typing :(  That ought to be fun! Alas, I guess I can take this time and enjoy the holidays. Got a lot of cooking to do later anyways. Guess hubby is gonna have to do all the stirring and mixing for me! He's gonna love that teehee!!!

Will post pics later of some of the finished goodies!

06 November 2011

Blessed Sunday Everyone!!

Well it's the start of a new week! Fall is in the air and winter is just around the corner. I love fall with all it's beautiful colors although most of the leaves have fallen already. My burning bushes are in full color now!

I am looking forward to winter. I love everything about it except for the cold :~) Christmas is my favorite holiday!! I still need to find the time to get my Thanksgiving decorating done :( Might not get to it this year. Well, I suppose I had better end this post for now and get back to work doing something productive. Praying that you all have a blessed day and week :)


02 November 2011

Going in circles!

I feel like I am running around in circles lately. With the rush to get Christmas items made and listed on both of my Etsy shops, to trying to keep up with all my blogs, twitter, facebook and more, I don't know whether I am coming or going. Besides all the other everyday life stuff I am also finding myself having to help out friends and family in need. I am finding it hard to get myself motivated to work on the craft stuff I want to get done. I have all kinds of cute ideas I want to do, but finding the time to fit it all in is another story. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to listen to them.

On a brighter note, LOL!........ I have managed to get a couple of sets of really cute prim reindeer and some snowman pops done and listed on my North Woods Rustics Etsy shop. You can see them here: northwoodsrustics.etsy.com or on my other blog at northwoodsrustics.blogspot.com. I hope to have some cute Christmas tree tucks and some gingerbread man tucks along with some prim candy canes done and listed sometime next week.

I am also having a banner contest on my North Woods Rustics blog. The winner will receive a set of my Prim Reindeer Tucks! Make sure and check it out!

Have a blessed evening!