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23 December 2014

Life like Crocheted Roses - How to

Hey Everybody,

Here's the promised video on how to crochet the life-like Roses. Enjoy!


17 December 2014

Sneak Peek: Upcoming How to video on making life like crocheted roses!

Here is a little sneak peek at an upcoming video I am working on. I will be showing you how to crochet life-like roses in an upcoming video. Enjoy!!


10 December 2014

Scrapbook Haul

Hi everyone!  Today I thought I would share a great scrapbook making haul that I did yesterday. I found a lot of great items at JoAnn's, Dollar Tree, and at a couple resale shops. Hope you enjoy my finds!


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07 December 2014

Faith Scrapbook Mini Album

Here is a beautiful scrapbook mini album I have titled Faith. This album measures 6" wide by 9" tall with a 3" spine. It is made with gorgeous papers, card stock pages and a chipboard cover and spine. It has 6 pages and each page will hold a minimum of 12 photos ranging in size from 5" x 7" on down. The cover has a beautiful cross with roses that have all been crocheted by me. The spine features a trio of charms and another cross that I crocheted. A gorgeous album for any occasion. 


Cover - 6" x 9"
Spine 3" x 9'
Pages overall - 5½" x 8½"
Photo Mats - 3¾" x 8¼", 5" x 8¼", 3½" x 8¼"
Front Flap - 4" x 8½"
Back Flap 5" x 8½"
Pockets - 4" x 3¾". 4" x 8½"

01 December 2014

Roses Scrapbook Mini Album

Here is a gorgeous mini album that it perfect as a gift to the bride to hold all her cherished memories of the big day. It would also be the perfect little mini album for any occasion.  This beautiful album will hold 42 - 4" x 6" photos plus 9 trimmed 4" x 6" or smaller photos. There are 3 spots made specifically for journaling. Also, with the open page sides, it is a perfect spot for tucking in other memorabilia.

This album measures 4½" wide and 7" tall with a 2½" spine.

This album is available for purchase here.

Heirloom Heart Scrapbook Mini Album

Here is a beautiful mini scrapbook album that will hold your treasured photos and your heart for years to come. This mini album will hold at least a total of 25 - 4" x 4" photos, 31 - 4" x 6" photos, and several smaller photos. That's well over 56 photos in just this one beautiful album! Plus there is a lot os space that is perfect for journaling so you can tell your story. A great keepsake for generations to come!

This album measures 4¾" wide by 7¼" tall with a 3¾" spine. Lots of room for adding a bunch of photos and other keepsakes.

This beautiful album is available for purchase here.